Unleash Your Potential Through Branding In Faisalabad

First we must understand what a brand is; a "brand is the sum total of how someone perceives a particular organization. Branding is about shaping that perception." (Ashley Friedlein) This feeling can be shaped by the way your brand looks, feels, thinks, speaks, sounds, tastes, and smells.

Now, a brand identity is everything that can influence someone to have an opinion about your brand: a name, logo, color palette, graphic elements, print, tone-of-voice, messaging, photography and video, packaging, sound/jingle, website, etc.. Basically, a brand identity is the foundation of everything you do and who you are.

This is not to be confused with marketing, as marketing could not exist without a brand identity. If you market something without a brand identity, how will your consumer know what you're marketing? Yes, they might know you are marketing a car, but what car exactly?

We’re a Brand Standards Services Provider In Faisalabad You Can Trust

It’s easy for companies to lose track of core strategies over time as you grow and evolve. Dot Founder can help your senior management and marketing and sales managers rethink the relationship of company brands and offerings to create a more synergistic, successful approach.

This is particularly important when you are considering the launch of a new breakthrough product. At the heart of the process is our realistic and independent analysis of various issues affecting your business to ensure the viability and potential profitability of your products in the marketplace.


Once your products start operation in the market, it tends to lose value over time. This results from changes in consumer behavior, hence, its best if brands continually renovate themselves to maintain relevance

If your brand has started performing poorly, declining and rapidly losing its share, the time is now for you to hurriedly safeguard your market position.

We will professionally evaluate the original brand, run some survey and analysis to detect the origin of the problem. Identifying the probable cause, we would inject the modifications required to put your brand on the map.

Why Choose Dot Founder As Your Brand Standards Company in Faisalabad

Since 2015, Dot Founder has delivered branding, advertising, marketing and public relations expertise to hundreds of businesses like yours. As a leading full-service Branding Agency In faisalabad, we help our clients develop a unique image, build brand awareness, generate buzz and create demand for their product or service. Leveraging a proven methodology, our marketing team can function seamlessly as an extension of your internal team or as a fully-outsourced marketing solution in Faisalabad

Service For Your Every Branding Need.

Similarly, a well-planned strategy will ensure that your brand is marketed adequately, further modifying it to any feasible change in the taste of your customers. With active brand support, you can quickly get solutions to your branding problems as they occur, ensuring that your brand never takes a plunge.


Dot Founder takes a systematic approach to brand strategy and architecture to ensure that your new breakthrough product lives up to its potential and your expectations. It’s imperative that we clearly understand your market and that everyone within your own ranks also has a realistic point of view, based on facts rather than intuition.

  • Is your new product or technology truly novel?
  • What will the market pay for it? (Hint: possibly more than your sales team might think.)
  • Is there another, more cost-efficient way to make waves that you’ve overlooked?


A successful website is one that leverages your brand to connect with your reader. Branding includes the overall look and feel, as well as the tone and content, of your website.

Successful brands are distinctive, comprehensive, and strategic. Your brand should tap into your target persona’s interests while communicating your company’s key offerings and promise to your customers.

Absolutely! We love partnering with our clients to help them refine their brand and develop a robust marketing strategy.



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